Getting Meaning from Occupy Definition Oxford Dictionary

Occupy definition oxford dictionary can be used as one of proper references to use in writing. Oxford dictionary has been known well as one of acceptable dictionary in giving the understanding of the meaning. It can be a standard media for you seek the Occupy Definition better in proper explanation. The definition of the word occupy based on oxford dictionary will be to see or to fill the space. The example of the usage with this meaning is “The stuff occupies my desk in messy way”. It means that the word occupy in use of something fulfilling a space.

Another meaning comes from the Oxford dictionary can be little bit different. It says that the meaning or definition of the word occupy is to live or work in room. Usually, this definition is used for those who speaks about business and the occupy word are working on it. As the example, “He occupies that room to work in this week”. It means that he will use or perhaps taking over the room for his purpose on working. The occupy definition oxford dictionary in this case can be varying than usual. You need to know about the context of the word usage itself.

There is still also the other meaning of occupy word based on the Oxford Dictionary. The definition means to keep you busy in doing something. The example of sentence can be like this, “The professor occupies himself with the research this week”. It means that the professor will be busy working on the research in this week. So, there are many definitions about word occupy based on the Oxford Dictionary. You may use one of occupy definition oxford dictionary based on the context in usage. You can learn it better while trying to read more about it in many other sources