Knowing More About Occupy Definition Legal

Occupy definition legal will be varying that you need to know. It depends on the usage of sentence where the occupy word can change its part of speech. Based on some sources, the definition of occupy word can be like taking over. It will be more proper to be taking possession of something or space. As the example, “the chickens occupy my yard this morning”. It means that the yard is full of chickens which are playing there. The word occupy in the sentence also means that something fulfilling a space. It is related to the context which is brought by the sentence.

The Occupy Definition will also mean engage or monopolize. It can be interpreted that the meaning will be like mastering someone or a place for themselves. As the example, “That people occupy the area as their own authority”. The sentence can be meant as the people who take over a land just the colonialism. On the other hand, based on occupy definition legal, the definition of word occupy is also like be active with something. It means that someone keeping them busy with something to work with. For example, “Berry occupies himself by the assignment this month”. The sentence shows the reader that Berry is busy working on assignment fully this month.

From the history, the word occupy is borrowed by the Old French. It seems like there was a modification between Anglo-French about the usage of occupy word. It happened in the middle of 14 century. Unfortunately, the definition of this word has ever been fallen to the wrong usage. In the beginning of 15 century, the usage of occupy related to the meaning of having sexual intercourse. But, the occupy definition legal nowadays has changed to be used in proper way by people as it should be.