Some Examples to See Occupy Definition Sentence

Occupy definition sentence can be interpreted in many views. Occupy is not having one definition only. Mostly, people will understand it as the act of taking over someone or the area. But, there are also some other meanings of Occupy Definition that you need to know better. It is easier to understand the aim of the word occupy by seeing the function on the sentence. Now, let’s start from some examples in interpreting the definition of occupy word. The first example is “My twin sister occupied my bed last night”. In this sentence, the meaning of occupy itself is taking over. On the other hand, it can be also interpreted as fulfilling spaces.

Another example of sentence with occupy word will be different. You might get the different aim of the sentence, “He occupies himself on the order of the client”. It means that the order keeps him busy and works on that. Based on the example of occupy definition sentence in the previous paragraph, it can be seen that the function of occupy will be different. Even for the next following example which is, “He occupies the manager position this year”. In this sentence, it can be interpreted that he will work as the manager during the year.

Based on the history, the word occupy comes from Old French. Some sources say that it is the modification from Anglo-French. The definition of the word occupy in the beginning of 15 century has ever been misused. It fell to the improper meaning in that period. The definition will be related to having sexual intercourse. But finally, the word occupy has been used as well nowadays as you can see on the previous examples of occupy definition sentence. So, in this article you can see the word occupy here being translated and understood by the examples.