Some Examples to See Occupy Definition Sentence

Occupy definition sentence can be interpreted in many views. Occupy is not having one definition only. Mostly, people will understand it as the act of taking over someone or the area. But, there are also some other meanings of Occupy Definition that you need to know better. It is easier to understand the aim of the word occupy by seeing the function on the sentence. Now, let’s start from some examples in interpreting the definition of occupy word. The first example is “My twin sister occupied my bed last night”. In this sentence, the meaning of occupy itself is taking over. On the other hand, it can be also interpreted as fulfilling spaces.

Another example of sentence with occupy word will be different. You might get the different aim of the sentence, “He occupies himself on the order of the client”. It means that the order keeps him busy and works on that. Based on the example of occupy definition sentence in the previous paragraph, it can be seen that the function of occupy will be different. Even for the next following example which is, “He occupies the manager position this year”. In this sentence, it can be interpreted that he will work as the manager during the year.

Based on the history, the word occupy comes from Old French. Some sources say that it is the modification from Anglo-French. The definition of the word occupy in the beginning of 15 century has ever been misused. It fell to the improper meaning in that period. The definition will be related to having sexual intercourse. But finally, the word occupy has been used as well nowadays as you can see on the previous examples of occupy definition sentence. So, in this article you can see the word occupy here being translated and understood by the examples.

Knowing More About Occupy Definition Legal

Occupy definition legal will be varying that you need to know. It depends on the usage of sentence where the occupy word can change its part of speech. Based on some sources, the definition of occupy word can be like taking over. It will be more proper to be taking possession of something or space. As the example, “the chickens occupy my yard this morning”. It means that the yard is full of chickens which are playing there. The word occupy in the sentence also means that something fulfilling a space. It is related to the context which is brought by the sentence.

The Occupy Definition will also mean engage or monopolize. It can be interpreted that the meaning will be like mastering someone or a place for themselves. As the example, “That people occupy the area as their own authority”. The sentence can be meant as the people who take over a land just the colonialism. On the other hand, based on occupy definition legal, the definition of word occupy is also like be active with something. It means that someone keeping them busy with something to work with. For example, “Berry occupies himself by the assignment this month”. The sentence shows the reader that Berry is busy working on assignment fully this month.

From the history, the word occupy is borrowed by the Old French. It seems like there was a modification between Anglo-French about the usage of occupy word. It happened in the middle of 14 century. Unfortunately, the definition of this word has ever been fallen to the wrong usage. In the beginning of 15 century, the usage of occupy related to the meaning of having sexual intercourse. But, the occupy definition legal nowadays has changed to be used in proper way by people as it should be.

Getting Meaning from Occupy Definition Oxford Dictionary

Occupy definition oxford dictionary can be used as one of proper references to use in writing. Oxford dictionary has been known well as one of acceptable dictionary in giving the understanding of the meaning. It can be a standard media for you seek the Occupy Definition better in proper explanation. The definition of the word occupy based on oxford dictionary will be to see or to fill the space. The example of the usage with this meaning is “The stuff occupies my desk in messy way”. It means that the word occupy in use of something fulfilling a space.

Another meaning comes from the Oxford dictionary can be little bit different. It says that the meaning or definition of the word occupy is to live or work in room. Usually, this definition is used for those who speaks about business and the occupy word are working on it. As the example, “He occupies that room to work in this week”. It means that he will use or perhaps taking over the room for his purpose on working. The occupy definition oxford dictionary in this case can be varying than usual. You need to know about the context of the word usage itself.

There is still also the other meaning of occupy word based on the Oxford Dictionary. The definition means to keep you busy in doing something. The example of sentence can be like this, “The professor occupies himself with the research this week”. It means that the professor will be busy working on the research in this week. So, there are many definitions about word occupy based on the Oxford Dictionary. You may use one of occupy definition oxford dictionary based on the context in usage. You can learn it better while trying to read more about it in many other sources

Finding More Occupy Definition Synonyms

Occupy definition synonyms are so many to know. It is used when you want to replace the word occupy with others but in the same or similar meaning. Based on the history, Occupy Definition is taking over or possessing a place. It can be used also for the meaning of possessing someone. The word occupy was borrowed from the Old French which is occupier. It means to take possession of someone or a place. This word came from Old French from the middle of 14 century and people already learned about it. But, there are also some synonyms of the definition of word occupy that you can find more.

For some synonyms state that the word occupy can also be meaning of holding a job or position. It is proper in use of the business field where many people nowadays like to use it frequently. Another synonym of the definition means to keep being busy or active. You can take an example, “Maria occupied herself the meal this morning”. It means that she serves or making herself busy to work on making herself meal. From the occupy definition synonyms itself, you may see the difference between occupy word in some type of usage in a sentence.

When it comes to the history, the word occupy has ever been used improperly. In the beginning of 15 century, the word occupy was related of someone having sexual intercourse. It makes the usage of this word falls in the meaning. But, after 17 century, the word occupy has been coming back to the proper usage so that it is used as well until this present. So, for those who wants to know more the occupy definition synonyms, you may read this article and find the meaning based on the context when you read the sentence.

Knowing How Interesting the Occupy Definition History

Occupy definition history can be one of the topic that you should know. It includes the history how this word can be used as a word which is needed in conversation daily. This occupy word has a meaning to stay or inhabit a certain place. But, as it is defined on some dictionaries that occupy is like taking over of a place or possessing a certain place. This word is very much well known of having synonyms and likely used to the formal conversation. To know better about this occupy word, let we see an interesting history about it.

The occupy word means to take possession. It can be a place, a time, or even someone. If it is used to occupy someone, it means that the occupy word used for employer. Based on the history in the middle of 14 century, the word occupy is borrowed from the Old French. As it is known that the relation between English and French is near, the word occupy is also taken from the olf French which is occupier. This occupy definition history is true with the meaning of occupying a time or a place. From Latin, the Occupy Definition means possessing.

The history also says that the word occupy comes from the modification between Anglo and French. In 16 to 17 century, the word occupy falls into bad meaning. Many people use it to impolite expression for sexual intercourse. But nowadays, the word occupy has been used properly and people know the meaning. So, from this history actually the word occupy is quite interesting to discuss. It is quoted from Old French based on the occupy definition history. For those who are eager to know more about definition of occupy, you may read more sources to learn it better with wider knowledge